About Us

In 2003, Gametime Photography made its opening pitch to the parents and boards of area leagues in response to increasing demand for high quality sports action photos. Gametime Photography (GTP) is based in NW Houston, TX. We are family owned and operated.

GTP strives to offer extremely high resolution photos through the ease and convenience of online ordering. Online viewing of your photos makes it easy to share events with family and friends. All of this is achieved by utilizing the latest digital camera technology and the skills of a professional photographer. Digital photography also allows us to create prints beyond traditional photos, such as custom posters.

“I love to take photographs that draw an audience into a captured moment in time. More than just grabbing the attention of the viewer, my goal is to hold their attention,” says owner Sonny Cantu. “The perfected use of light, shadow, and color combined with high resolution quality will keep the audience focused on the art of the game.”

Oh sure, you can take those pictures yourself, but you’re too caught up in the excitement of someone hitting a long ball to center field and your child makes a diving catch. After it’s over, then you remember the camera sitting on the bleacher. How about when the pictures you do take are not quite in focus, or your seat is too far away to zoom in on your own child? GTP gets the best angles and unobstructed views! So stand up to cheer for your child’s shining moments and let Gametime Photography provide the candid action photographs of your child participating in their event.

GTP covers all types of sporting events and no athlete is too young. We specialize in high quality action photography of individual athletes, teams, and events. Youth leagues and school sports make up the bulk of our business. If you are not familiar with Gametime Photography, then I would like to hear from you. Please let me know your needs and questions by e-mailing us.

“A photographer will capture the moments of an event you come to treasure in the future so that you can focus on creating them with your child today.”

- Merced (Sonny) Cantu III
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