1. How does Gametime Photography (GTP) work?

We cover area sporting events. Next, we choose the best action shots and edit as necessary. Finally, we upload your gallery to view and order online.

2. When are the action photos available to order?

Depending on the size of the event and the number of games in one day, photos will be ready for viewing and ordering in 3-6 days. We always post in the same order as games are photographed.

3. How do I order photos?

GTP has a convenient and secure shopping cart. When you finalize your order, you can choose to pay by credit card or debit card. The shopping cart program will email you a copy of the order with a link to an invoice. You can print this for your records.

4. How do I order custom posters?

For detailed information, please see our Custom Posters page.

5. How do I receive my photos?

Once your order payment is approved, we receive your order for processing. Prints will ship via USPS to the address you designate. Rush shipping is available via Fed-Ex. Shipping and handling charges do apply. Digital images will be ready for download within 3 business days.

6. How long does it take to receive my photos?

After your order and payment are confirmed, I am notified immediately and upload the files for printing within 3 business days. Please watch our Blog for vacation schedules and seasonal printing that will increase shipping times. If you have an order that mixes large and small prints, then you will be more likely to recieve multiple shipments. Turnaround times need to be factored into consideration when selecting shipping methods and shipping times! The shipping times DO NOT include turnaround time... File upload time + Shipping time = Time to destination. See FAQ 4 for a link to details on custom poster turnaround time.

7. How long will event photos stay posted online?

We keep events online up to 2 years.

8. How are the photos processed?

Your photos are NOT printed with an ink jet printer! All photo and poster sizes are processed at a professional lab using high quality photo paper.

9. Will GTP photograph our game?

Please Contact GTP for more information on how to schedule your event.

10. How does GTP determine which events they will cover?

First contact, first scheduled. Therefore, make a Reservation as soon as you know the dates, times, and location. The more members of your team and league that know of our services, the more coverage we can provide. Please help us spread the word.

11. Does it cost anything to have GTP cover an event/game?

Yes, we charge a Reservation fee that becomes 100% product credit. This fee is paid in full by cash, check, or credit card prior to the event. The fee includes up to 1.5 hours at the event/game, editing, and post processing. Up to 3 players can share one reservation. The fee total will be divided equally between each player. If any person does not pay by the event/game start time, we will not take photos of this player. We will set up a unique voucher code for each person that pays into the total. Once your photos are posted, we email the voucher code(s) to you. The email will include information on how to use the code at checkout during your online order of prints, digital images, and custom posters.

12. When will my Voucher Code expire?

Vouchers expire one year after the issue date.

13. How does a Reservation work at a game vs tournament?

A Reservation works the same during a regular season game and a tournament. First contact, first scheduled. See FAQ 11 for more information about Reservation fees. Please contact us with questions about tournament coverage.

14. You were at our game. Why are there no photos of my player?

The Reservation determines who we focus on during a game. Up to 3 players can share one reservation.

15. Does GTP take individual, team, league, and club photos?

Yes, we take all team and individual photos. There is no session fee. We require cash, check, or credit card payment with your orders on photo day. A Reservation fee does apply to individual sessions without full team photos. Please Contact Us for more information about taking still and action photos of your athlete on or off the field. This is a fun way to get Buddy Shots with your best friends and to create Custom Posters.